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Villa Franciacorta

V for Valori (Values)

Values such as tradition, the land, the family. The value of tradition in order to face the future in the best way possible, to introduce innovation without forgetting. The immeasurable value of a unique terroir which Villa has expressed for more than half a century through its fine wines.
The family, the relatives with whom shared projects are worked on, a family that extends to include the Villa team, the real added value of certain success. Important values such as respect for nature and its protection, sincerity, honesty, values which cannot be compromised.

I for Identità (Identity)

A strong identity is what distinguishes Villa and its wines made from culture and tradition, the maximum expression of a terroir, a voice outside the choir that stands out with unique unrepeatable vintages.
The identity of Villa based on the sense of belonging to a concern that induces a person to share, interiorise and become loyal to the principles underlying the philosophy of Villa.

L for Libertà (Freedom)

Freedom to choose without being influenced by commercial factors and never subject to current crazes or market trends.
Free right from the start to pursue growth on an optimal scale based not on efficiency but rather on environmental sustainability.
Free to dream, to follow one’s heart and own intuition.
Free to be honest business people, remaining constantly themselves, without betraying the trust of those who believe in us, who entrust us with their emotions; it is to them that we owe all our respect.

L for Lavoro (Work)

The honest work that unites us in the marvellous plan of creating a great product. Shared, hard and sometimes wasted work but not pointless. Work that creates and makes you grow. That work which enables you to leave a mark. A great deal of work, what a bottle conceals within its precious nectar, but we never hold back from striving for the best. The work of choosing the land, the varieties, the clones, running the vineyards and supervising the grape harvest and transformation of must into wine ... Work, work, work, ...so many people involved and so many hours, days and years pass before the moment arrives when a Villa wine can be tasted. It is in fact the work, the meticulous attention to detail, that makes Villa a great wine producer.

A for Amore (Love)

The highest of all the values.
Innate aspects of love are respect, protection and patience. Love that ennobles what you do. Love for the land that induces you to protect it and take care of it, love of nature which you have no desire to tame, but rather to allow it to express its biodiversity, nature that you accept with its rhythms, learning to be patient and humble every day, in the knowledge that it is nature and not man that decides the rules of the game. Love for the harvest, the result of a magical interaction between microclimate and man, for that harvest that will become what you believe in, your creation, the wine.