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Social sustainability, what is meant.

In the Agenda 2030 "List of things to do for people and the planet", the first pillar of the goals to be achieved, Goals, concerns the Social. The concept of sustainability has gradually expanded over the years to reach a model of economic growth that is both socially inclusive and environmentally sustainable. It is a cross-cutting effort aimed at promoting the development of a modern and dynamic economy that contributes to promoting a world characterized by better living standards, reduced inequalities, so that no one is left behind.

Our commitment

"Promoting inclusion based on origin and gender is just the first step that a company can take. The workplace should be the environment in which to care for each other, where respect is the founding value, in which talents and diversities can be expressed, an educational context for society, where the protection and promotion of the worker's psychophysical well-being are the cultural starting point." Roberta Bianchi

In our workplace

The company evaluates the impact of its policies on the daily lives of its employees. It offers adequate jobs, with goods and services that help meet the needs of everyone while creating inclusive value chains. Respect for the rights of employees, safety, diversity, work-life balance, well-being, and internal communication are all aspects that are taken into account to try to create a fair working environment. Because protecting and enhancing the company's human capital means contributing to the economic and social development of the entire community.

Supporting a more ethical production chain

Inequality between generations

Young people will not have the same opportunities as their parents. We have hired many young people to give them the opportunity to grow, work with dignity in healthy and safe environments so that they have a long life and can secure their future.

Ensuring safe work

Avoiding that one's work activity becomes a source of injury and illness, freeing people from choosing whether health or work is better, are principles that fully fall within the company's objectives from the beginning.

Human rights

Equality and poverty reduction are guaranteed thanks to careful monitoring, especially towards the labor provided by third parties, even and above all during the grape harvest, strongly convinced that the value of a product cannot disregard the dignity of those who produce it.

Work-life balance

Work schedules where possible compatible to support employees who are caring for children and elderly parents.

Health and well-being

Our commitment to ensuring the health, well-being, and safety of individuals is what we strive for. The use of natural light amplifiers in offices and underground laboratories aims to make workers aware of the natural circadian cycle to protect optimal psycho-physical balance. The most modern equipment is made available to employees, accompanied by adequate training, in order to facilitate the correct execution of work, but with special attention to the well-being of the individual.

Value chain

This effort also involves the choice of products from a supply chain that respects the rights of workers involved in the production process. Therefore, all companies that wish to work with us must have a virtuous work ethic, not only respecting the minimum parameters required by law but also having internationally recognized environmental certifications.


The company is committed to making its valuable skills and resources available to welcome students for internships, with the aim of accompanying young people into the world of work. Additionally, recognizing the importance of education, the company donates scholarships to the most deserving students to facilitate their growth path. Social sustainability is a priority for Villa Franciacorta, which supports schools in third world countries, believing that education is the only form of redemption. But not only that: the company also hosts awareness-raising events on important issues for the community and itself.

Product Value

"The expansion of the social dimension of sustainability in a company has a significant impact on all aspects of its organization, including the value of the product. That's why I don't like to talk about price but about the value of our wine. It encapsulates all the sensitivities that ennoble our actions!"

Roberta Bianchi