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Villa Franciacorta


The winery is the living passion and stands as a monument to the ancient tradition of the Franciacorta Method.

Through the intriguing tunnels, dug into the hillside of Madonna della Rosa, cool and silent darkness combine with time to create the essential elements of a recipe that has enabled Villa to establish itself as the brand of excellence in the wine world. They offer an exciting journey to the soul of Franciacorta, a journey that takes us back through the different periods of the winery’s construction. From the most recent vinification room we travel back in time until we reach the ancient sixteenth century cellar.

As part of the Villa winery’s overall eco-sustainable perspective, work has continued untiringly since the sixties with excavations and construction work that have enabled us to build a system of cellars that remain invisible from outside, apart from the large entrance doors set at the foot of the hill, thus minimising the visual impact. Today over 1,000,000 bottles of Franciacorta DOCG wines are stored in these cellars. They rest in optimum isothermal conditions, maintained by the subsoil’s natural temperature that impedes thermal shock; the bottles remain here in an almost "religious" silence and near total darkness. The bottles are first arranged in racks and then moved to pupitres, or riddling racks, to be turned by hand in accordance with the traditional method of remuage. In the underground cellars dating back to the sixteenth century that lie alongside the Franciacorta tunnels you can see modern stainless steel tanks alternating with fine wood barrels, both medium-sized and smaller: it is here that the renowned red wines of Villa are aged. Tradition and experience form part of our soul, but we are always attentive to see what new techniques can offer to continuously improve the quality of our products.

The winery is the living passion of the Bianchi family and stands as a monument to the ancient tradition of the Franciacorta Method.