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Villa Franciacorta


The only possible path from vineyard to cellar is via the heart.

Villa Franciacorta, a small medieval hamlet dating back to the fifteenth century, is located in Monticelli Brusati just short distance from Lake Iseo. Around every corner of this precious area of Franciacorta you may catch glimpses of the past re-emerging in the medieval hamlet of Villa: from the Roman road that skirts the river and runs through the property, to the ancient well set beside the drive way and the perfectly preserved underground cellars dating back to centuries past.

Environmental protection and the restoration of the ancient hamlet are examples of how an ardent philosophy of life such as that of Villa Franciacorta can produce concrete results. The Bianchi family’s awareness of its role as guardian of a unique terroir ensures that all the wines are produced exclusively from grapes grown on its own 37 hectares of vineyards. The decision to sell only vintage Franciacorta is a further testimony to the family’s sound business judgment. These vintage wines enhance the features of the land and permit each bottle to render a unique record to the climate of each year of harvest. The visit to the Villa hamlet is a fascinating journey through time accompanied by the scents that characterise the enchanting natural basin at the foot of the hill of Madonna delle Rosa. The hilltop is covered by forests of oak, and heather and juniper, providing the ideal microclimate for the vines. The terraces that criss-cross the slopes are the result of specialised work and are supported by dry stone walls that come right down to the foot of the slope, where the cellars lie. The underground cellars are perfectly located to exploit the natural thermal conditioning that provides the ideal resting place for the Franciacorta as it awaits the time for its disgorging.  

The winery now houses not only the historic cellar, but also the Villa Gradoni farmhouse accommodation - managed by Alessandro’s daughter, Roberta Bianchi - and “Ela Osteria in Villa” restaurant.

Villa, a wine to remember.