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Villa Franciacorta

Villa in Rosa



The exclusive "Villa in Rosa" event will be held on Saturday 15th September. It is an evening dedicated to the feminine world where the pink color is explored in all its nuances, from wine to food, from music to clothes.

We start at 18:30, with the tour in the vineyards and in the cellars. At the end of the visit will be offered a sunset aperitif with a view of our vineyards. To follow will be a dinner with our Franciacorta Vintage Rosè. To conclude the evening djset and many surprises.

Men can intervene only if in female company.

When: Saturday 15 September at 18:30

Dress Code: Pink, in all its shades.

Cost: €60.00 per person.

Reservation required at 030652329 or by email at info@villafranciacorta.



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