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Villa Franciacorta

Villa Franciacorta’s new fashion line: LADYLIKE WINE


Villa Franciacorta’s new “one-off pieces” have been created through a reinterpretation of their capsules, that firstly lie atop the cork of precious vintage wines with style and then live again as the protagonists of a truly surprising aesthetic revolution. How? By assuming a new function, and becoming a cult object for collectors. ‘The idea’, explains Roberta Bianchi, owner of the Villa and creator of Ladylike Wine, is that these unique jewels will make each woman feel really original and special, with a personal style that is truly fashionable, beyond passing trends’. Thus, while silver and white freshwater pearls reinvent the Mon Satèn capsule, Briolette, the Villa’s Rosé Demisec, hosts two magnificent earrings, embellished with coral-coloured resins, a silver coating and Mallorca pearls mounted on silver-gilt. The collection is an optimum expression of the entrepreneurial vitality of Villa Franciacorta, in this case conveyed through fashion. The earrings come together with bottles of Mon Satén and Briolette, on sale in wine bars and specialty shops. Clearly, the winery's message is that it can evoke uniquely special moments to be experienced when you celebrate with Franciacorta’s best sparkling wines, in particular the two flagship labels of this winery, founded by Alessandro Bianchi and run by Roberta Bianchi and Paolo Pizziol. When discussing the Villa’s Ladylike Wine (a name chosen to stress elegance combined with style) Roberta Bianchi notes, ‘If Villa Franciacorta’s slogan has always been “a wine to remember”, we can now add “a jewel to remember”!’

 ladylike wine

ladylike wine


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