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Villa Franciacorta

Tre Bicchieri 2017


Franciacorta Bokè Rosé Brut vintage 2012 has won the prestigious prize of Tre Bicchieri, the highest recognition given by the Gambero Rosso Guide.

The new guide 2017 assigned only to 10 Franciacorta this ambitious prize, and the Franciacorta of Villa is the only one with the dosage Brut, but the real treat is that this is the first time that Gambero Rosso rewards a Rosé Brut!

This award rewards not only our products but also the company policy, undertaken a few years ago, to increase harvest after harvest the proportion of Pinot Noir in the Franciacorta Rosé, arrived today in Boke at 70%. The passion and love are the components that feed our work and lead us to a continuous search for excellence, who humbly we carry on day after day.


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