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Villa Franciacorta

Merano Wine Festival


See you at Merano Wine Award Area, the wine bar of the Merano WineFestival is in the central rotunde of the Kurhaus, where you find a selection of wines, which have received the Merano WineAward 2016. The visitors get an idea of preselection, which has been made from the tasting commission WineHunter and have the possibility to taste the different wines on request with the professional support of a sommelier FISAR. From 5th to 7th November.

 Our wines: 

  • Franciacorta RNA 10 ANNI Extra Brut millesimato 2004
  • Franciacorta Extra Blu Extra Brut millesimato 2010
  • Franciacorta Emozione Brut millesimato 2012

Merano wine festival franciacorta

Merano wine festival franciacorta

Merano wine festival franciacorta


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