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Villa Franciacorta

Buy our Franciacorta!


Buy our wines! Do a toast at your home with the Villa Franciacorta vintage wines. Check out our price list and call us! We will be happy to describe you our products, as in a wine shop! Free shipping on a minimum order of 30 bottles!


Lithographed boxes


Elegant, silkscreened boxes in green or pale pink. Available for one, two, three, and six bottles and magnums, to create endless combinations to give away or share in the company of family and friends.


Ladylike Wine


Wonderful hand-crafted earrings, unique and exclusive pieces made with capsule depicting portraits of cats in four different series. A limited edition of only 50 pieces for four different colours. The line earrings Ladylike Wine Cats Edition is enriched by a gift box containing a bottle of Franciacorta.